I help big-hearted entrepreneurs and humans created strategies that clear the way for the best results and best lives.

For anyone looking to better understand their past, create their future, or simply up-level to a more positive, more fun life. With any number of tools, we can rearrange your thoughts, therefore actions, to truly make shifts for a better life. These shifts can happen in moments or in a number of sessions, but one thing is for certain - whatever is holding you back, let’s address it head-on. I am certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT/Tapping), Time Integration for Maximum Empowerment Techniques (TIME) and general Life and Success Coaching.

For product and service-based, brick & mortar and online entrepreneurs, let’s grow sales by creating brands and strategies that connect you with your ideal audience. I have been both the target audience and the business seeking truly aligned clients.

And before I was the happy gal you see above, I was hustling more than I needed to. I worked to do what I thought necessary to become successful - in the eyes of my family & friends. I was a slave to all the moves I "should" make to bring pride to everyone around me, self included. In my efforts to do so, I felt stifled, was totally untrue to my desires, and created a life that was far from the one I knew I wanted - both personally and professionally. I knew this wasn't the life I was made for, so I started looking for a new way and hunted for someone or something that had found it...

And I found it. By connecting with coaches, products, and services in my life (whose voices were clear, who spoke with a language that was music to my ears, who painted a picture of myself that I actually liked), I learned tools to work through inevitable tough times, connected with brilliant and supportive communities and individuals, and saw changes in myself that I never thought possible. All thanks to connecting with brands that sparked something in me. 

Your business or service or product solves a problem that someone, somewhere has struggled with and cried over, fulfills a practical need or a whimsical dream. The long and short of it, someone somewhere needs or simply wants what you offer, but if you or your brand are unclear or can't be found, they'll stay stuck and so will you. 

Your online presence should reflect what makes you unique - things like quirks, grit, beauty & character as they speak to you. Keeping them out of your story often denies your potential client a chance to get to know you.  Your "youness" and your "why" help shape your brand. And that brand is what builds your business. That business-building = sales and profits can mean more time for what you love, if that's not what your business is. Heck, there's no shame in that approach either. 

who i am

Most days you can find me setting up shop in the coffee shop du jour, in my location of the moment - likely Milwaukee, WI.

I'm known for my  strong work ethic, big heart, sense of adventure, and occasionally irrational obsession with football (badgers & packers...duh).  

I love serving the world with my words  - whether writing for your site, putting together a guided hypnosis or EFT sequence that connects you to your ideal life, editing an important email, or sending hopefully encouraging text/email/snail mail.  

I'm constantly in pursuit of beauty - improving your brand's aesthetic, helping you craft a voice that serves your mission, arranging flowers in a vase, or curating a scene that makes you feel all the feels. 

I'm most passionate about faith & family, and then it's a toss up between pure barre classes, coffee, and peanut butter.  

When I’m not busy working,  you can catch me:

  • Out on the water - well, as weather permits - or relaxing near it. I also run a lake-living blog & retail gig over at LakeEffectCo.com

  • Singing mostly off-key to the newest country music..or Drake.

  • Making healthy adaptations of favorite desserts. I'm a Certified Nutritional Consultant, too.

  • But don't let that fool you, my favorite dinner is wine & charcuterie. Goat cheese for life.

  • Devouring the latest spiritual, self-help books a ala Danielle LaPorte or Gabby Bernstein.

  • Windows down in my Jeep.

  • Escaping to the Northwoods of Wisconsin, or taking any road trip that seems somewhat necessary.


A cheap solution. While I'm obviously a lower cost to an agency, my rates are proportionate to my experiences and value. I don't offer much wiggle room, so if you need to penny pinch, I'm not your gal. 

24/7 available. I work somewhat normal hours, and if you're looking for a social media manager that will be available to you at all hours, I'm not your gal. 

In case you want to know how I got here...

Brains & Certs

  • University of Wisconsin - Madison,  BBA Marketing 2009

  • City University, Study abroad Spring 2008 London, UK

  • Natural Healing Institute, Certified Nutritional Consultant, December 2012

  • YES SUPPLY METHOD Certification, November 2018

    • Neuro Linguistic Programming

    • Hypnotherapy

    • Emotional Freedom Techniques

    • TIME Techniques

    • Life & Success Coaching


  • Web Marketing & Consulting   -  Spruce LLC   -   Milwaukee, WI   -   June 2013- now :)

  • Community Manager  -  Google  -  San Francisco, CA   -   July 2011 - May 2013

  • Global Online  Advertising -   Google   -   Ann Arbor, MI   -   Jan 2010 - June 2011

  • More here...