Hey you. I'm happy you stopped in! From coaching work to Lake Effect Co. to any context where we may be chatting, I hope you'll find my approach to business and life to be one that supports the theory that you shouldn't have to hustle so hard if you can set yourself apart simply by being you and breathing life into your visions and desires. Should you accept that mission as your own, I’m here to help you shed what’s holding you back and then encourage you to look up, look within, or look out - wherever you find the inspiration and the energy to create something beautiful, meaningful, and that lights you on fire. And yes, we might just talking about shifting the little things because last I checked, that’s where the magic lives.

Sound like fun? Let's roll. 


Lake Effect Co

A  lifestyle blog + retail brand celebrating the beauty and adventure of lake living and elevating the communities that support them. 5% of sales benefits the Alliance for the Great Lakes because #FreshisBest & #LongLiveLakeLife

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Mindset & business consulting services: business strategy, entrepreneurial coaching (& cheerleading), branding & aesthetics, content coaching with a twist. I’m NLP, EFT, TIME Techniques, and Hypnotherapy Certified. So, whatever your situation, let’s see it SPRUCED UP.

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Katherine Gramann

My heart and soul ramblings.  Expect a lot of talk about weird recipes, Packers football, pics of wine & flowers, gratitude lists, and other epiphanies that struck me, probably while walking by Lake Michigan or drifting on a watermelon floaty.