Hey you. I'm happy you stopped in! I’m here to show you that it’s safe and important to live your best life by unapologetically living mine. 

It’s my mission to inspire people to heal and uncover a vision for a life of fun through through stories, community, retreats, coaching and apparel, all recognizing the reciprocal healing benefits of loving the water.

Shed what’s holding you back and then look up, look within, or look out - wherever you find the inspiration and the energy to create something beautiful, meaningful, and that lights you on fire. And yes, we might just talking about shifting the little things because last I checked, that’s where a lot of the magic lives.


Lake Effect Co

Am apparel brand & community blog that celebrates the beauty and adventure of lake living - with the aim of helping lake lovers remember the importance of conscious living and protecting what they love. 5% of sales benefits the organization FLOW - For Love of Water which supports the Great Lakes but ultimately, our actions make the biggest impact. Visit us in Pewaukee at our first, beachside shop! #LongLiveLakeLife

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Your mind just may be the only reason you are or aren’t living a life that truly fills you up. I offer a number of 1:1 mindset coaching options to help you right your ship. While you may be here looking for business strategy, entrepreneurial coaching, branding & aesthetics, or content coaching, that chapter is behind me. I’m NLP, EFT, TIME Techniques, Life & Success Coaching and Hypnotherapy Certified. Invest in those services and set yourself free.

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Katherine Gramann

My heart and soul ramblings.  Probably some health-hacking recipes, Packers football, pics of wine & flowers, gratitude lists, and other epiphanies that struck me, probably while walking by Lake Michigan or drifting on a watermelon floaty. On my quest to understand myself and the world around / within me, the waves have rinsed me through many fun, often challenging, and ultimately many growth-filled tides. Tie up, let’s chat.

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