It's not just what you say, it's how you say it AND what it stands for that can impact how your customers feel and interact with your brand.  I'll help you align your online presence to the desired brand meaning so you can stay true to self and building connections with the right folks.

Your brand is what builds your business - let's build a brand that serves your business in the right ways. 


Keep your customers interested and coming back for more.  I'll help you tune in to what rings true for your target audience and is critical for building your brand to make sure you're consistently sharing great content. Your words are where your voice comes to life. This is how you'll truly connect. 

Simply need someone to edit & keep you and your writing in check? I can do that. 


Let's develop a smart plan for your social media to get liftoff and results. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest...if it's relevant, I'll guide you through page creation and establish a plan for turning out awesome, results-oriented content. 

Need direction for your team on how to manage these channels? I'll provide an overall strategy for sustained management by your own team.  

Not looking for a long-term commitment but definitely looking for the next steps? Book me for 2-3 hours of time. 1-2 hours where I deep dive into all aspects of your site. This audit includes how you're stacking up in terms of seo, brand aesthetic, brand meaning and consistency, social media platforms, and site user experience. One hour will be spent delivering this feedback to you via phone call. You'll walk away with a clear idea of where you are, actionable next steps, and my document of notes to use in guiding you. 

Book a power session and light a fire here. 

*5-8 business day turnaround.

WEB Presence Power session