We’ll chat and then put together a gameplan to get you from A to B. Your specific and totally custom plan may use any combo of the following tools: NLP, TIME, EFT, Hypnosis or general coaching services depending on need.

Power Session

You’re stronger than you think, but when life “feels” heavy or hard, that’s the last thing on your mind. Let’s change that. After an initial consult, we’ll use a 60 minute power session to raise your vibration and course correct.

Custom Hypnosis

I’ll provide you a digital or live (Milwaukee area) hypnosis session custom to your desired output. Hypnosis is generally only needed once, but many find it highly relaxing and reinforcing, so we’ll provide a recording of the hypnosis video and include a downloadable audio file to use anytime afterwards.

I’ll deliver you a custom recorded EFT/tapping video and downloadable audio file to use any time of day to release or shift your energy from meh to your desired state.

Custom EFT